Architectural Design

Building Construction

Road Construction

What sets exceptional architecture apart from a mediocre one is the meticulous design and over-the-top functionality in architectural work. That is exactly what makes GVT stand out as an architecture company based in Lahore, Pakistan.

A project needs to be sound in terms of the construction but making sure that its impact on the environment is minimized should also be one of the primary considerations. At GVT, we are constantly striving to achieve a balance between the two.

Before beginning any project, the veteran civil engineering team at GVT makes sure that all the required approvals and certificates are obtained to avoid any kind of inconvenience such as unexpected time delays later.

Interior Design

At GVT, our interior designing team goes into the intricate details of space, furniture, and décor to provide our clients the best of everything. Utilizing space efficiently while keeping the aesthetics in check is the ultimate goal.

Housing Infrastructure

Taking the environmental aspects into account, each urban space is planned to maximize area while making sure that the drainage and sewage systems are well managed with it.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire system designs are the lifelines of any building, and it is important they are developed with utmost accuracy and perfection. We at GVT, make sure of that.

MEP & Engineering Works